Gmail vs ProtonMail | Which is More Safe?

Gmail is the most popular email service on the internet. One of the reasons for its popularity is the features offered by it. According to a report, Gmail has more than 1.5 billion active users on its platform. However, is it safe? This is one of the widely asked questions on the internet. Many people question the privacy and security of Google mail due to its ad policy.

This is one of the reasons why some people who prefer privacy use encrypted emails over popular emails. But, is it worth it? Are encrypted email services really safe? Today, we are going to answer this question by comparing two email service giants in this post. Gmail is the most popular featured-packed email service while Protonmail claims itself to be the most secure email service on the internet? Let’s find out which is more secure:

Gmail Vs ProtonMail – Which is safer?

According to a report by Protonmail and various sources on the internet, Google records everything done by its users. They record your IP address, All the searches you make, the email you get, the website you visit, and so on. Considering this report, it can be a threat to your privacy if you are concerned with it.

Yes. it is one of the best email services available on the internet. But, if privacy is your main concern, these reports clearly show that it is not for the privacy-lovers. So, what should we do? Is Protonmail a worthy alternative? Is it really secured? Will it offer features with security? If any of these questions are popping up in your mind then you will find the answer ahead in this post.

ProtonMail – Is it the best alternative?

Unlike Google, Proton Mail doesn’t monitor or record user activity in its database. Even it doesn’t store your IP address in its database. It uses Zero-access encryption that is technically impossible for anyone to decrypt. Even Protonmail itself can not decrypt your emails. Zero access Encryption is applied to all the emails and messages you receive in your Protonmail account. Even if the emails sent by non-protonmail aren’t stored by ProtonMail.

Protonmail provides better security compared to Gmail and many other popular email services on the internet. Even if an attacker breaches the Protonmail site, it won’t be able to access any emails because Protonmail only stores encrypted emails. Even Protonmail itself can not decrypt the email.

These are some of the amazing security provided by Protonmail. No wonder why so many privacy lovers prefer Protonmail over any other email services on the internet. Let’s answer the last question! What does it provide other than security for burning series ?

Well, you can register on Protonmail without giving your personal mobile number details. Other than that, it also has a paid plan but you can also use a free one. Free plans have enough features for basic users to get started with. Here is a screenshot of the features offered by the Protonmail free version:

That’s it for today! I Hope, you have realized that ProtonMail is far safer than Gmail. If features and ease of use are your priority then you should choose Gmail Einloggen. However, if privacy is your priority, there is no one better than ProtonMail.